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What Is Needed

Get The Kids Outside!

The kids need access! Although living in a small mountain town can be very rewarding it can also be very challenging for the kids to get access to their environment. Especially to skiing and boarding terrain that is safe.  No different than their learning environment in school, kids need an outdoor environment that is a large enough canvas to grow and learn but safe enough to not be at risk.  Telluride Ski Resort not only offers up the terrain, it also offers a world class Adaptive Program so no kid is left behind. 
It simply boils down to access to transportation, equipment, chaperones and desire from all involved. Imagine if our mountain towns here in the San Juan were connected via lift service like Europe how many kids would get to participate in snow sports?
Here in the U.S. we just have to be a more organized. 


Besides funds and transportation to ski, the kids need support from the adults in their life and access to ski days at Telluride.  Participating in the Telluride Gravity Project should give each kid a pass, bus ride, and chaperones to get out and ski or board. With plenty of gear in the area and the ski swaps, craigslist and Ebay, kids of all ages and ski levels should be able to get access to gear. 

Chaperones & Mentors

Telluride offers a controlled environment with groomed trails, beginners-advanced terrain, and access to amenities.  One amenity missing are chaperones, mentors and teachers willing to lead a group of kids around the mountain. Or spend an hour or two giving a lesson.  What do you like to ride? Here's your chance to share what you know and love to the next generation of snow addicts. 


Let's face it, without financial contributions this project is pretty mute.  Getting a penny per vertical foot would raise $10,000 for the kids to be applied to transportation, passes, special needs for the Adaptive Program.  It would go a long way to getting the kids sliding in snow. A gofundme account has been set up for donations that will go directly to the Ouray School R-1.



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