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What is the Telluride Gravity Project?

Ski 1MVertical Feet for Access

The Telluride Gravity Project's 1MVertical is a pledge by founder Markus Van Meter to ski 1,000,000 vertical feet at the Telluride Ski Resort and surrounding area in the 2016 ski season in an effort to raise funds to get kids involved in snow sports.  The proceeds from the 2016/17 pledge will go directly to the Ouray, Colorado School Ski Club . 

By acting as the catalyst Markus hopes to initiate change in access for kids that may not have resources necessary to get started in skiing and snowboarding in Ouray County.

Raise a Penny Per Foot

The goal is to raise .01 penny per vertical foot for a total of $10,000.00 to be used for access; passes, transportation and special needs thru the Adaptive Program.  Hopefully, this will be the shot in the arm needed to get kids and families outside. 

Tracking Vertical

Each day on the mountain Markus will wear a Suunto Ambit3 Vertical tech watch and SNOCRU iPhone app to track vertical feet descended. Both platforms allow for easy sharing and profiles and daily stats will be posted to Facebook and the Gravity Blog.  Follow along and watch the numbers stack up to 1M.  Tracking vertical will be the fun part!

Get Out And Ski

50 days of skiing 20K vertical feet each trip or any variation of more or less days depending on the conditions will reach the goal.   Anyone that wants to join in for a session on the mountain is more than welcome.  Just be sure you can keep up!


The Gravity Blog will update once per week with stats, pics, stories, and just plain epicness.  Hopefully readers will find these rants and raves motivating enough to get outside, plan a trip, or spread the word. 

About Markus

Skier, foodie, ninja, Warren Miller fan and digital designer. Acting at the fulcrum of art and computer science to create great work for living human beings.  Fueled by craft-beer, beef sticks, and loud music.

Markus's skiing spans almost 4 decades having started at the age of 10 on a local hill in the neighborhood. He spent his high school years dreaming of living the ski life in Nelson, B.C. and turning the ripe age of 40 skiing 100 days a year with a silver pony tail.  That didn't materialize but his search for a home mountain ultimately led to Telluride.  Markus lives in Ouray, Colorado located 7 miles as a raven flies from some of the best resort skiing in the country.

Attempting to ski 1MV (one million vertical feet) in a season is a challenge he is looking forward too, especially knowing it will help grow the sport and bring awareness to the shrinking snow sports community. Markus spent 10 years riding/racing downhill mountain bikes in the off-season but now enjoys hiking and hitting the gym to stay in shape.

Markus is passionate about skiing, sustainability, mountain living and working with his clients to achieve their goals.  As a freelance IT consultant he works with high-end boutique clients to develop their digital footprints and digital infrastructure. 



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